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Marcia, Marcia, Marcia, or, The Challenges of Leading from the Middle

Like many, I spent my entry-level days in the field aspiring to the next step. What comes next, I would tell myself, will certainly be better/easier/more challenging/more meaningful/more amazing/involve more butterflies than my current position. And there in lies the peril of just being humans (or perhaps my and many other’s humanity specifically): we are … Continue reading


Career Seasons

Heading into my ninth year of work in student affairs, I am no veteran. But I have developed some perspective. October is about everything I love on a college campus. Students are getting in the full swing of classes, homesickness is slowly running its course, campus events are around every corner, and quite frankly, the … Continue reading


The Fourth Quadrant

As an undergraduate, I studied Organizational Communication. A class that has not left my mind was when I learned about the Johari Window. I vividly remember my beat-up, used Intro to Communication Theory textbook, sitting in Heide Hall at UW-Whitewater, and thinking yes, this answers a lot about the process of knowing one’s self. It … Continue reading


The Stretch

It’s in the act of stretching that we discover most who we are. It’s in pushing just past the discomfort that we discover something new. But the pushing and holding against the resistance is miserable. All you want in that moment is to recoil back. Everyone loves a victory, the actually being back in the … Continue reading