Distance Makes the Heart…Evaluate

I’ll own it – I’ve been slow on the blogging front. There are many reasons for this:

  1. I haven’t made time to write (here).
  2. I’m currently pregnant (yay!) and I went through many stages of what I wanted to share or didn’t and wanted to avoid diving in too quickly to some of my experiences until more time passed.
  3. I’ve been pretty darn focused on my day job and making a concerted effort to enjoy life outside of work while there isn’t a small human to look after.
  4. Social media + student affairs had just lost its spark for me. Being away from Twitter, most FB groups, and blogging gave me some necessary space to just do the work and take care of some pet projects. Those spaces all serve a lot of people well, and as a great resource and place to connect. But I just needed a break. It wasn’t you, it’s me.

I’ve also had a moment of trying to figure out where my by and large profession-focused blog fit with this huge change in my life and with my desire to write about other topics. It felt like I grew in a new direction and wasn’t quite sure how to take the digital space with me.


I’m currently 38 weeks but nonetheless, feeling super pregnant.

Perhaps it is courtesy to pregnancy, maybe it’s just hitting ten years working in student affairs, or some combination thereof, but I’ve felt a shift in what I value and where I want to place my time. And for some time, I didn’t want to live a life that felt like things were constantly happening to me. Rather, in all realms, I want to be carefully selecting and choosing where I put my energy, effort, and growth. In the past six months I’ve spent much more time with friends, created resources for work I’m really proud of, grown as a wife, read good books, attended seminars and workshops, got back into some hobbies I’ve missed, watched the majority of the Packers season with my family, and been good to myself at a time in my life when I really needed to exercise good care. So this concept of crafting and curating my life was born. I would like to have space to share my DIY experiences, both what works and doesn’t, as well as what I select to try and bring into my life, both what works and doesn’t. My goal is to have space to write about these encounters without feeling like I’m changing lenses.

So my plan going forward is to write a bit about my pregnancy. And a bit about starting an Etsy shop. And some about evaluating the meal service I signed up for that promised to help me make loads of freezer meals that would be fool-proof and how that was proven not to be true. And of course the bread and butter of what I love – workplace well-being and the good, the bad, and the ugly of how we hire, train and coach talent. And that may feel like a strange combination, but our full, authentic, crafted and curated lives are filled that way with variety and not one single, individual track.

It felt to me that an update was due and owed. I didn’t know how some blog distance would feel, but it just resulted in some healthy evaluation of the space I want to share and what I ¬†believe to be a great evolution in the topics I’ll write about. More to come.


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