Training and Development

The Truth About Hard Work

Coming up on the last four of 170 hours of student staff training in the month of August. It has been one of the best, most challenging, professionally revealing, and inspiring months of my career. It wasn’t all perfect, which for awhile bothered me deeply. I felt fixated on what didn’t go to plan or I would have done differently. I have a list going of all the things that we need to consider for next time. But that is part of what made it really exceptional this year – within it, I saw where we are hitting the mark, where we have misses, and what needs more TLC in the future. In it, I saw some really good and incredible things happen for our student employees. There is a list of dream tasks and experiences I still want to make happen which makes me feel like I continue to have tricks up my sleeve. And we wouldn’t have gotten there without the hard work we put in along the way.
When we hear hard work, we automatically picture greatness. I picture the likes of Lebron, Favre, and Jordan. We see the end product, we know it took hours and sweat to get there, but the masterpiece of excellence is often only an image of the results. I have this misconception that hard work should be a flawless act and a belief that the people who are best at what they do can do this work easily. But when we are great and when we are really pushing ourselves, it’s hard. It involves so much more. The messy, frustrating, brain-occupying time and talent it takes to get there is often either quickly ignored or forgotten. In the end, it’s incredible – the capacity to be creative and to put it into action. But we can’t kid ourselves about the process – it’s ugly. My office alone is a physical example of that.
I’ve taken a step back from a lot of things to be really uniquely good at my job. I don’t know that I’m quite there yet, but the process to focus my time, energy, and enthusiasm exclusively here has felt really good. And more important, it has been rewarding. Sometimes the best professional development is your actual job. There’s a thought for another post.
We did a lot of amazing things this month and I’m really proud of our team, those who engaged in the new and those who contributed to making some engaging and cutting edge stuff happen. I’m so proud to work at Marquette and really proud of  our RHDs working on training, Erin, Heidi, Steven, and Maria, for pushing one another, myself included, to make all of these hours of training not only happen, but be pulled off in really cool and incredible ways.

And after all of this, and Ill admit, I’ll be very happy when Tuesday at 1:00pm rolls around, but it has made me more energized than ever to start the year. Seeing the engagement that has happened, watching our staff members become more confident, hearing them articulate what they’ve gained, all of it makes me look forward to seeing them take this beyond the training room and manuals and into the live experience. And that will be the real test of the hours spent in August.


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